Online Business in Pakistan: How to Start an Online Store in Pakistan?

Create your online store and increase your sales

How to start an online business in Pakistan? Are you a local maker or manufacturer of Pakistan or an artisan making handcrafted items? Do you want to sell your crafts online? PakistanCreates brings potential opportunities for all of you to start an online selling business in Pakistan. Now you can showcase your talent on a legitimate online marketplace and sell through an online store in Pakistan. The other way is to devise a strategy for selling online through a website in Pakistan

Since the rise of COVID-19, online shopping is trending. Many of us are thinking of establishing an online store for more sales and profit. PakistanCreates supports the women entrepreneurs, local makers, and manufacturers of Pakistan in boosting their online business. This article will take you through the steps you can take to start your online business at PakistanCreates.

Online Business is the Future!

How to start an eCommerce business in Pakistan? Ecommerce refers to the buying and selling services or goods through the internet. Statistics depict a clear potential for making more money through eCommerce. As a result, of the popularity of online stores, a higher number of people are interested to buy and sell online. However, it is difficult to start and stabilize a digital business from scratch. PakistanCreates is here to ease your trouble by providing you with a free-of-cost platform where you can set up your shop straightaway. 

Create an online clothing store free at PakistanCreates or create a shop for any product you sell. Women can start their online business without investment in Pakistan at PakistanCreates.  If you have a business that generates sufficient income locally but you want to expand your market to every potential customer, then join PakistanCreates, an online store for you. Not only this, the platform helps women entrepreneurs start earning a handsome living by creating an online shop on PakistanCreates website. Conducting business activities online is the future of the world, therefore it is wise to set up a store for yourself as well.   

As a preliminary step explore PakistanCreates and observe how it operates. Take a glance at the shops of people and make up your mind about how you can set up an attractive shop for your brand. All your products will be listed in the shop with your brand name. If you are interested in registering your shop right away, then start reading the guide from step 4.

1. – Formulate an Idea if You are a Startup

A business plan or an initial idea is essential for setting up a business. Whether you want to open an online perfume store in Pakistan, a clothing store, or an online shop to sell your handmade and hand-crafted products, all you need to do is get deep into your business idea. If you have a company or product that you believe people would like, do some market research to back it up. Check out the potential competitors of your business to identify market dynamics. It will help you to optimize your products accordingly and follow new trends.

At PakistanCreates our core initiative is to support and buck up the women at home to start their income with a skill. We welcome all kinds of products as far as they are made and manufactured in Pakistan and that pass certain quality check measures. If you are thinking of setting up your business from scratch with a new idea then you can explore online for an idea.

2. – Focus on the Branding of Your Product/Service

It is crucial to represent your company worldwide with a unique and relevant name. If you’ve made it this far without deciding on a name for your digital business, it’s time to make a choice. Choose a relevant name for your brand.

The importance of the name is undeniable since it will serve as the basis for all further selections. Decide what could be the name of your online shopping store

What keywords do your rivals use in their brand names, for example? Are there any phrases you should use or refrain from using? The business name should match the type of products you are selling. Context always matters!

Come up with a half-dozen or more business name ideas with relevant keywords in mind once you’ve brainstormed a list of keywords to consider (and keywords to avoid). Confirm the availability of the business name you finally decide!

3. – Increase Your Online Presence

After finalizing the business name, start maintaining an adequate stock of products at home to sell products online. Create accounts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., and start maintaining an online portfolio where all your customers could see all products at a sight. Photography is one of the most important selling points. Conduct an in-house shoot day for all your products for which you do not need any high-end camera or a huge setup, just a mobile phone, portrait mode, and a solid background can do the magic. These are small yet important branding aspects that can help you reach your target market with greater influence. 

4. – Register Your Store on PakistanCreates

Whether you are managing a fully operational business or you are a startup, we appreciate your effort in every way. We are especially focused on highlighting the talent of local makers and women entrepreneurs of Pakistan. One important thing to keep in mind is that we only allow 100% Pakistani products on our platform. The products could be handmade, handcrafted, made in Pakistan, or manufactured in Pakistan.

If you have some skill and you are interested in earning money through it, then PakistanCreates is here for you. Starting selling your handmade, handcrafted, or manufactured products and we are ready to take you in after a few quality checks. 

The very first step to becoming part of PakistanCreates family as a seller is ‘Sign Up’. Fill out the Sign-Up form and provide some basic information about your brand. Click the ‘Submit’ button and we will receive your request for opening an online store.

5. – Wait to Hear Back from Us

At the core of approval for opening an online store, we have a monotonous policy of checking that the products are made in Pakistan and they meet the standard quality checks.

You will hear back from us within 2-3 days. Meanwhile, you may devise plans and strategies for operating your online store. Prepare some quality pictures of each of your products and start writing product descriptions to get more sales.

6. – Stock Up Your Inventory

Once your request gets approved, you will have your online shop. Our team will provide you with login credentials to start uploading products to your shop. For this, a customer support team will be available to you 24/7 for any help. Stock in your products and you are all set to sell on PakistanCreates.

7. – All Done, Run your Business!

All set! Your online store is ready to generate business for you. Keep updating your products and their descriptions in your online shop, add new products immediately after you launch them, and most importantly, be responsive to your customers whenever you get an order.

Happy Selling!