Q: What is PakistanCreates?

A: PakistanCreates is an online marketplace where you will find creative and unique items made by talented Pakistanis. The platform encourages startups and small businesses to take advantage of this opportunity and showcase their talent. PakistanCreates pushes a vibrant and secure environment for sellers and buyers. It promotes made-in-Pakistan items from candles to pret, and food items to decoration. You will find everything here!

Q: Is registration free for sellers?

A: Yes, registration and selling in PakistanCreates are totally free. PakistanCreates will not keep any money and only the payment platform will deduct 3.2% of every transaction to provide an online payment processing facility. Other than that, if you choose COD (Cash On Delivery), you do not need to pay a single penny. 

Q: What is the goal of this platform?

A: The goal of PakistanCreates is to promote made-in-Pakistan products. It focuses on empowering the talent of Pakistan and building a secure and vibrant community of sellers and customers. The platform will sell high-quality products and items and promote economic activity within Pakistan safely.

Q: What are the requirements to create a store and list products in PakistanCreates?

A: Register as a seller in PakistanCreates. Once you have completed the registration, your account and details will be verified and one of our representatives will contact you. The nature and quality of the products will be checked and after the approval, you would be able to create your store, list all the products, set up your seller profile, and manage your business.

Q: What are the criteria for store approval?

A: To get your store approved, one of the primary criteria is the quality made in Pakistan items. The sellers will be evaluated constantly to maintain the quality standards at the marketplace. Any seller that does not comply with product requirements will be removed from the platform.

Q: How would you promote my products?

A: PakistanCreates will feature the “Best Sellers” on the homepage of the website. The customer traffic at the website could visit, see and shop the items from those stores. The social media platforms of PakistanCreates will promote the top-selling items and sellers across various channels. The blog posts and ads will also be created to boost your sales.

Q: Can made-in-China stuff be sold?

A: No. PakistanCreates only promotes made-in-Pakistan items. The ultimate purpose of this platform is to boost national talent and provide small businesses a place where they could showcase their brand and skills. 

Q: How would reviews be managed? 

A: All the reviews on your products will be managed by PakistanCreates to eliminate any seller manipulation that could mislead the buyers. All the reviews would be unbiased and sellers would not be able to manage, control, turn off or delete them.

Q: How would my store look?

A: Your store would have a banner image where you would need to highlight the items you are selling. All the products you are selling will have an image and description. You can see other shops on PakistanCreates to know the basic layout.

Q: What are the terms and conditions?

A: The terms and conditions are mentioned here.

Q: How will this benefit your company when there is no fee and no commission?

A: PakistanCreates would not benefit the company in the beginning. There won’t be any charges or fees to make a store and sell items. Our focus is just to build a healthy and secure community of Pakistani talent in one place. PakistanCreates would incorporate bigger brands to give advertisements on this platform in the future.

Q: What are the requirements of product images?

A: The product images should be square with 800*800 dimensions. The images should be very focused with good photography to attract the buyers immediately. The images of the products should be clear to help buyers see details effortlessly.

Q: Do you have an option to sell customized items?

A: Yes, you can sell customized items on PakistanCreates. All you need to do is incorporate all the details of your custom products in the product description. Moreover, you can set the price range against each option from filters.